Picture from published paper

Parallel Coordinates plot from the recently published "Koshy-Chenthittayil, S. et al. ‘A Computational Framework for Finding Parameter Sets Associated with Chaotic Dynamics’. Journal: In Silico Biology, vol. 14, no. 1-2, pp. 41-51, 2020

Research Skills and Interests

  • ­­­­Fields of expertise include Chaos Theory, Agent-based models with Java and Netlogo, Numerical Analysis with Maple, MATLAB, Statistics with R and SAS

  • Interested in Chaos theory for biologically relevant systems, mathematical models based on clinical data for diseases.

  • Well versed in interdisciplinary research.

  • Ad-hoc peer reviewer of relevant articles on mathematical biology.


  • Koshy-Chenthittayil, S.; Archambault, L.; Senthilkumar, D.; Laubenbacher, R.; Mendes, P.; Dongari-Bagtzoglou, A. (2021) Agent Based Models of Polymicrobial Biofilms and the Microbiome—A Review. Microorganisms, 9, 417.

  • Sun, M.; Koshy-Chenthittayil, S.; & D’Souza, N. F. (2020). Quantitative Medicine and Reflection on Summer Research in Mathematical Biology. Harvard Educational Review, 90(2), 322-330.

  • Koshy-Chenthittayil, S. & Dimitrova, E. (2020). From Chaos to Permanence Using Control Theory. Advances in Mathematical Sciences, 85-106.

  • Dean, B.C.; Dimitrova, E.; Galande, A.; Jenkins, E.W.; Koshy, S. (2016). Determining Parameters Leading to Chaotic Dynamics in Systems


  • ‘Streptococcus oralis and Lactobacillus paracasei interactions through the lens of an agent-based model’ – Invited talk, 6th International Symposium on Systems Biology of Microbial Infections, Nov 2021,

  • 'Application of an agent-based model to biofilms' – Invited Talk, AWM Salon Series, Muhlenberg College, March 2021

  • 'Using agent-based models to understand biofilm interactions' - Invited Talk, Mathematics Continued Conference, UConn, Oct 2020 (Virtual due to COVID-19)

  • 'A mathematical modeling journey into biofilms'-Invited Talk, Adelphi AMS Seminar Series, Adelphi University, Oct 2020 (Virtual due to COVID-19)

  • 'Optimization of agent-based models of mixed-species biofilms'- SIAM conference on the Life Sciences July 2020- Canceled due to COVID-19

  • ‘Agent-based modeling of multi-species biofilm and its optimization’ presentation at Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM) Jan 2020.

  • ‘The dynamic nature of functional brain networks of emotional regulation’ presentation at Biology and Medicine in Mathematics (BAMM) May 2018

  • ‘Permanence and Chaos in Dynamical Systems’ presentation at SIAM conference on the Life Sciences July 2016

  • Poster presentation ‘Determination of Parameters for Chaos in Dynamical Systems’ at Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures: Dynamics of Biological Systems-Uty of Alberta June 2016; SIAM conference on the Life Sciences July 2016; Algebraic and Combinatorial Approaches in Systems Biology 2015 Conference in UCONN Health