Sherli Koshy-Chenthittayil

Pronunciation of my name: My LinkedIn page has the audio clip of my pronunciation. Phonetic spelling: sounds like Shirley ko-shee chen-thit-tail

Preferred pronouns: she/her/അവൾ

I am an applied mathematician and educator with interests in mathematical biology and STEM education. I am also invested in increasing diversity in STEM, particularly, with respect to students with disabilities. 

I currently work as a Data Analyst with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Touro University Nevada. My job responsibilities include advising faculty, student and affiliate investigators on research design and analytical approaches to optimize research study quality and providing descriptive and inferential data analysis for a diversity of biomedical, institutional and educational projects.

I am a third culture Malayalee Indian who was born and raised in the Middle East and a wheelchair user. In addition to my love for all things Math, I love books (all kinds), movies, Shahrukh Khan, K-dramas and BTS. 

Learn more about my research interests, teaching philosophy, and service commitments. Connect with me through my social media and various interviews.