To make multiple identities feel truly welcome, I utilize my service commitments to create an inclusive space for everyone. A short synopsis of my prominent positions are below:

Clemson University's Accessibility Commission (2017):The Commission was tasked to see how to make the ramps more accessible for people with disabilities, install more push buttons on the old buildings as well as in general how to make the campus more inclusive for people with disabilities. The committee was successful in

  • Conducting a survey of the pedestrian area of campus

  • Determining the work needed to make the campus more welcoming for wheelchair users

  • Installed push buttons for the university’s administrative and math department.

Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM) EvenQuads (2019-present): A deck of playing cards to honor the AWM’s 50th anniversary and contains biographies of women mathematicians on one side and symbols on the other to play the game.

  • As a part of the EvenQuads project management committee, I was responsible for the webpages associated with this project

  • I also edited the biographies of the selected mathematicians.

  • First deck of 64 female mathematicians was released in April, 2021.

  • We were committed to making the Deck 1 diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, abilities, and research interests and were successful with this aim.

As an international female mathematician and wheelchair user, I would like to stay on the path of making the field of mathematics more inclusive for the diverse population it serves.